Wednesday, September 24, 2014

4.5 Stars for Take Me to the Domme by Liz Gavin

Take me to the domme
Title: Take Me to the Domme
Author Name: Liz Gavin
Publication Date & Length: September 19, 2013 - 40pgs


** DISCLAIMER - Although the names of the characters have been changed, the following book is a steamier versions of parts of another title called ‘Maureen’ by Liz Gavin published earlier. **
When Sam hands Clara over to Jenny, she is shocked and upset. But, like the good sub she is, Clara does as she is told. Only to discover, she might enjoy having a stunning Domme playing with her body. Will Sam be pleased with her?
*** This 6500- word-erotic short is a stand-alone book intended for adults only! It contains graphic language , kinky sex scenes involving a gorgeous Dom, a defiant sub and a hot new Domme, plus lesbian sex, threesomes, ass play, oral skills, double penetration, fingering, sex toys, BDSM, and spanking. Lots of it all!***
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4.5 Stars
I absolutely loved that we have switched to first person with Clara as we continue on in the story. We get a scene between Jenny and Clara that is steamy and then Sam joins in and turns it into a lovely menage.
Just like with the last installment I have two complaints. In this one we had absolutely no involvement with our lovely ghost that's been in the last couple stories, which I was disappointed in since I liked him and I would've like to seen what Clara's side was like while having sex with both real and ghostly people. Secondly, I felt like it was entirely too short, which admittedly isn't really worth knocking a story down for as that's when the author felt the story came to a close, but as a reader I wanted it to be just a bit longer, but then I suppose I have more novellas that continue on the story.

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