Sunday, September 28, 2014

4.5 Stars for Halloween at Club Desire by Liz Gavin

Title: Halloween at Club Desire
Author: Liz Gavin
Publication Date & Length: October 16, 2013 - 31pgs


Clara Hervaux wants to go back to New Orleans and celebrate Halloween with Marcel at Club Desire. But things are complicated now that the movie star is the target of some crazy fan who’s been threatening her. How can she ditch the bodyguards that follow her around? Is it safe to go there alone? Will she be able to keep her escapades at the club as a secret? Or will she disappoint her favorite ghost and fail to spend Halloween night with him this year?

*** This 7500-word short is intended for adults only! It contains graphic language plus steamy, kinky scenes involving a celebrity, her gorgeous assistant, a stunning Club hostess and a hunky ghost. Not all at once, though! ***


4.5 Stars

oooh.. Watch out Jenny's coming out! I loved this installment with the scene between Clara and Jenny... and Sam. 

Watching Clara listen to her Dom even when she's facing her biggest fear is wonderful. 

I couldn't give it five stars though because I felt like if Jenny has never been with a woman before, never been a Domme before she's a little too knowledgeable for what the situation and her actions. 

Another great erotic short from Liz though! I still miss our lovely ghost though. 


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