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4 Star Review for His Every Need by Teri L. Austin


How far will she go to hold on to her family home?

When Allie Campbell's father loses their home to British tycoon Trevor Blake, she pleads for more time to pay off the loan. But Trevor refuses to acknowledge his own family, so he's completely unconcerned with hers. Allie impulsively offers to do anything to keep the house, so he teasingly tells her to move in with him and cater to his every need. To his amazement, she agrees..


4 Solid Stars

Allie lost her mother 6 months ago, but she's been taking care of her two sisters, her father and their house ever since her mother fell ill 5 years ago. Her life was put on hold while she took care of everyone else. Until one day she finds that although her father has been unable to make any decisions regarding his children, he has made decisions with his business that has allowed it to be run into the ground and them to lose their house. Allie just can't let it happen, at any cost she will make sure her sisters and father don't lose the only thing they have left. 

Trevor Blake is a used to buying and selling things, loaning money to businesses that should help him make a profit off his investments. He isn't used to a someone willing to literally do anything for their family since his is such a mess. He puts up offer after offer to Allie hoping it'll make her back down but she agrees to nearly any terms he makes. Including being there for his every need.

I found this book to be quite interesting. I loved Allie's character especially as she developed through the story from the daughter who does everything for her family to the woman in love and going after what she needs in life. Trevor was frustrating at times, but I still found him highly amusing as he tried to understand this colorful and lively woman that lives with him. 

I did find that there was a LOT of British terminology that was used while in Allie's POV, which didn't work for me since she was supposed to be American and wouldn't have used such terms when thinking or speaking. I also didn't care for her dad and his quick change towards the end and that Allie was just okay with it. I would have been rip roaring mad for a heck of a lot longer, but maybe that's just me after everything she went through. 

All in all, I loved it and can't wait for the next one to see where their story goes from here.

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Cover Reveal: The Rental by Rebecca Berto

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Title: The Rental, #1
Series: The Rental
Author: Rebecca Berto
Genre: Erotic Romance
Expected Release Date: September 22, 2014
Cover Designer: Berto Designs 

At first, Rick Delaney watched Vee Wyland with the hungry eyes of a fox as if she were a rabbit … his rabbit. But one day, he slunk away without notice. Months away from graduating high school, Vee’s life is on the verge of crumbling. At home, dire finances and long hours test her family. Her boyfriend hardly pays attention to her. And she can’t shake her feelings for his older brother, Rick.  Then, all in one night, tragedy tears her teetering life into shreds.  When Rick and Vee reunite, the sparks fly. However, she unwittingly signs away a future for both of them. In his world, a place called The Rental, she becomes Victoria and Rick becomes Rhett. One part of her watches with fascination, while the other unfurls and embraces her sexual awakening. It began as a game, but the consequences are real. Following their heart’s desire is forbidden, but walking away could strip their hope for a future. The Rental is an erotic romance that explores how sex isn’t purely physical; sometimes, it’s a gateway to your soul.  
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About the Author
Rebecca Berto - author photo - June 2013
Rebecca Berto writes stories about love and relationships. She gets a thrill when her readers are emotional reading her books, and gets even more of a kick when they tell her so. She's strangely imaginative, spends too much time on her computer, and is certifiably crazy when she works on her fiction.  Rebecca Berto lives in Melbourne, Australia with her boyfriend and their pets.

love 2

4 & 5 Star Reviews for The Consumed Series by Felicia Fox - Awesome Paranormal F/F Series!

When passion and obsession collide, someone has to fall.

Consumed – Book 1

Felicity has never met someone like Alex before. Alex literally glows from their lovemaking. For the first time, Felicity is in love, but the woman she's spent the last two months with may not actually be a woman at all. Felicity knows that Alex is something more, but she doesn't know exactly what. Allowing Alex into her life might be the worst mistake she's ever made...

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4 Stars

Felicity is falling in love with the other worldly being named Alex. Alex is attempting to say goodbye. Neither really wants to end what they have, but there is something behind Alex needing to leave.

I rather enjoyed this short story. It was sexy and interesting and made me want more. I want to know how Felicity and Alex came to meet for the first time, where they are going and more about the story in general. 

The end leaves us in quite an open spot, cliff hanger of sorts. Although there is a few times where the wording threw me off like 'This blazing energy that I keep locked inside of me, that I have fought so hard to not expose just surged through me.' I don't think that's really how someone would explain powers that they have. 

However, I can't wait to jump into the next part of the series and see where it goes

Captive – Book 2

As Felicity falls deeper in love with Alex, she finds herself immersed in Alex’s dark, erotic, succubus world. She and Alex are both in danger as a killer trails their every move. Not even the threat of torture and death can stop their passion when Alex reveals her motives for finding Felicity. Will their love conquer all or will they meet their end at the hands of a madman?
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5 Stars

As I had hoped for, we get to know how Felicity and Alex came to meet and what their first time together was like. We also get to meet Gideon, Alex's best friend, who ends up being a third with the two women. 

There is a much bigger back story here that I hadn't expected from the first installment and it rolled out quite nicely in this book. 

There is a difference in the world Alex lives in and the one Felicity is used to, but just when Alex is starting to open up and share some secrets, we find out about the big bad monster in their path. 

Very well written, fast page turning novella. I can't wait for the third part!

Crave – Book 3

When passion sets your soul on fire.

Object of a deadly obsession, Felicity has been taken by the crazed incubus, Marius. Secrets, lies, and betrayals are mounting against Alex and Felicity. Will their passion and love be enough to keep from breaking Felicity, or will Alex’s world be the end of her?
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5 Stars

We learn about a secret past that Felicity and Alex didn't know about from Felicity's Crazy Aunt. It's interesting to learn what happens with the nightmare from book 2 and who is the insider.

There is a nice little surprise at the end (which I'd been hoping for). I'm hoping it leaves to possibility of another story to follow this one.

It was very well written and I couldn't put down any of the three books and can't wait to read more from this author.

Felicia Fox hails from Northern California. She has her Associate's degree in Applied Sciences, but has always known she wanted to be an author. A lover of arts and crafts, pin up looks, and avid reader, Felicia enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. Consumed, Captive, and Crave is her first published erotica series.

P.S. Felicia Fox is a big fan of drunk Skype ;)

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Reviewers were provided free copies of Consumed (Consumed #1), Crave (Consumed #2), and Captive (Consumed #3) by Felicia Fox to read and review for this tour.

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Cover Reveal: The Life of Anna, Part 1: Enslaved by Marissa Honeycutt

Title: The Life of Anna, Part 1: Enslaved
Author: Marissa Honeycutt
Genre: Dark Paranormal Erotic Romance
Publication Date: Late August 2014

Anna's entire life was scripted out before she was born by Devin Andersen, a man who doesn't have her best interests in mind. She is destined to be a tool in the hands to gain ultimate power in the USA. No, not as the President, but as the man who controls the President.

Raised by an extremely abusive guardian, Anna was molded into the perfect sex slave for Devin's use. Devin will use Anna's unique gifts to control everyone around him and eventually take her gifts for himself.

When Devin took her for himself at the age of sixteen, she had a vision of a man. A man who Devin was very interested in. But why? Why would Devin care about a young girl's dreams?

***** Warning *****
This book is for mature adults. This book is not for people who are easily offended, get nightmares easily, or have difficulty reading books about sexual, physical, emotional abuse and torture.

Disclaimer: This book series is about a sex slave. Therefore, there is sex in it. Lots of sex (though I took a bunch out. lol). Other disclaimers: Physical abuse, emotional abuse, physical torture, sexual torture, rape, death, violence, violent rape, gang rape, anal sex, regular sex, violent sex, violent anal sex, sex with non-sexual objects, sex with sexual objects, m/f, m/m, f/f, m/f/m, orgies, bloody scenes, disturbing scenes, scenes that might make you throw up or cry, scenes that make my characters throw up and cry, mindfucks, cursing, drug use, multiple snuff scenes, disturbing rituals, manipulation, brain-washing, people in disturbing situations (duh!), imperfect heroes and evil antagonists doing evil things.

Do not read this if you are under the age of consent in your country. Do not get angry if the subject or actual book upsets you. If you're reading this, you've been warned.

Not everything in the disclaimer happens in Book 1, but all things happen throughout the course of the series.

But, I do promise a satisfying Happily Ever After at the very end.

Warning: This book has been known to cause book hangovers.

Marissa’s story of Anna began with a dream about being kidnapped with Adam Savage from Mythbusters (Yes, really). Over the next year and a half, it morphed into the story you will be reading soon. She has several other stories in progress, one of which is based on her kidnapped dream. 

When she’s not writing or editing, Marissa is taking care of two young boys, training to be an astronaut, running her household, wrestling with gorillas, playing around on Facebook, promoting whirled peas, and busting her tush for her accounting degree. She enjoys chocolate, air conditioning in the desert’s summer heat, really good strawberry margaritas, sleeping, and shopping



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Cover Reveal: Her Journey by Rachael Orman

Title: Her Journey (Her Series #2)
Author: Rachael Orman
Genre: Erotic Romance
Publication Date: August 27, 2014

He’s exactly what she doesn’t need…
He’s exactly what she shouldn’t want…
He’s exactly what she should stay away from…
But she can't.

After losing her mother, Melia knew her life would never be the same, she just didn’t expect it to be so drastically different. Her mother’s final wish was something that not only changed her life but also the way she lives it. And it put her right in front of a man that angers her as much as he excites her.

Patrick ‘Wrench’ Ryan is president of the Tormented Souls Motorcycle Club. He’s strong, tough, and his word is law, but his sister knows how to get the upper hand with him. So, when she showed up with Melia and told him she’s staying in the club house, it didn’t take much to get him to relent. He tried to play nice, but Melia gets under his skin.

Things change when the club’s biggest foe escalates their rivalry in an attempt to bring the Tormented Souls President to his knees. It’s up to Patrick to protect his sister and the things most important to her. Will he be able to keep everyone safe? Will Melia get caught in the crossfire? Or will it all be for nothing in the end?

Stay at home mother of two with a passion for reading almost as much as writing. She is often found curled up with her Kindle reading while her children cuddle up on either side 'reading' books of their own. Married for almost ten years to the most wonderful husband and father, she couldn't ask for more out of life. Except maybe to live somewhere not quite as hot as the desert she currently lives in.



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Her Ride (Book #1 in Her Series)

Her Journey (Book #2 in Her Series) - Pre-Order TODAY!

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Spotlight: A Chance on Love by Kristine Raymond

Title: A Chance on Love
Author: Kristine Raymond
Genre: Historical Western Romance
Publication Date: July 19, 2014

Dr. Ben Kincaid is content to spend his days and nights treating the people of Hidden Springs. Not even his closest friends know the heartbreak that haunts him. Ten years earlier his wife left him, taking their only child with her. Ben vowed to never again trust anyone with his heart.

Shiloh Bishop came to Hidden Springs looking for a fresh start. Having been forced into an arranged marriage with an older man, she’s lived a life of misery. When she finds herself suddenly widowed and expecting her first child, she looks forward to starting a new life.

Ben is captivated by Shiloh the first moment he sees her but he is unwilling to let go of the chains of mistrust that are wrapped around his heart. Shiloh is determined to rebuild her life and has no intention of ever becoming another man’s wife.

When a deadly illness strikes the town, they have no choice but to rely on each other. Admiration and respect soon turn to passion, but will it be enough for them to take a chance on love?

Kristine Raymond loves to read and that naturally transformed into a love of writing. She has always been a fan of the Old West and lived in Arizona for several years, where she was able to appreciate the beauty and history of the region.

She has released three books in the Hidden Springs series and is currently working on a contemporary novel called Tempted. When she is not writing, she enjoys spending time with her husband and furry family, and catching up on her backlog of books to read.

She is the author of three novels in the Hidden Springs series: Here to Stay, Hearts on Fire, and Abby’s Heart, and will soon be releasing book four, A Chance on Love.



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